Xiaomi Power Bank

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In today’s world, nothing is going to disappoint you more than having your phone die out on you just when you need it most. Think about it. How are you ever going to contact people for your business or even a family member in case of an emergency? While you might think this is no big deal but in a modern world where everyone depends so much on their mobile devices or even tablets for that matter, having a power bank with you will put your mind at ease. Just like the Xiaomi smartphones that sell out like hotcakes around the world, their power banks sell in the tens of millions. Xiaomi has 3 different power banks with different power capacities and they certainly have been designed to be nothing less than beautiful. Let’s take a look at what these power banks are made of and why you too should get one. The 3 versions of power banks that Xioami has are the 16,000 mAh, 10,400 mAh, and the 5,000 mAh.


The Looks

All Xiaomi power banks come in elegant alloy casing. The shell of these cases are also slightly textured hence it gives you a better grip when you are carrying it around. What you will be surprised about is that this little power bank can actually withstand a maximum weight of up to a 50kg pressure limit on it.

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There aren’t too plastic parts on the Xiaomi Power Bank. As a matter of fact, the only plastics parts which you will come in contact with will be the USB port which is meant to be connected to your phone for charging and a micro-USB port of which is used to charge the power bank. You will also notice a 4-LED indicator and right at the bottom, you will be able to read specs and regulatory labels of the power bank.

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The Power

As you know, the Xiaomi Power Bank comes in 3 different version which are 5,000mAH, 10,400mAH and 16,000mAH all with lithium-ion. These batteries are sourced only from LG or Samsung. If you were to get a 16,000mAH Xiaomi power bank, you will actually be able up an Apple Iphone 5 to up to six times. That’s as good as giving you a full charge for the next few days in the week. The 16,000mAH also comes with a dual-port and is able to charge two devices simultaneously while the 10,400mAH and the 5,000mAH ones come with a single port. These power banks are also safer than the normal ones out there as they have in them nine layers of circuit chip protection while also enhancing efficiency.

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The Player

The Xiaomi power bank plays well with others too. It is compatible with not just smartphones but a wide range of devices and it can be used for all products as it supports gadgets which are branded such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and BlackBerry. It works perfectly well on digital cameras as well as other handheld gaming devices too.

How much power does one really need for oneself?

You would probably be thinking just what capacity power bank should you buy and the truth is, that depends on the gadgets you own and what you really need to charge from time to time. The easiest way you can go about figuring this out is to calculate the capacity that your mobile or other gadgets are powered by and this is measured in ‘mAh’. For starters, what you could do is just take calculate the total amount of mAH which is on all your devices which you carry with you when you travel. By summing up the total mAH of your gadgets, you will be able to able to choose the one that suits you best.  Let’s just say you are a bit of a gadget geek and you carry your Samsung Note 2 and iPad Air 2 around most of the time. Just add 3,100mAh to 7,340mAH and you will see that the 10,400 mAH power bank would suit you just nice for you to revive each of your gadgets once again when their batteries run dry. You could play it safe and also just get larger 16,000mAh to give your mobile phone a double charge while you are out on-the-go.


Xiaomi’s positioning of power banks are pretty much on the budget range. This is so true to Xiaomi’s positioning for it’s smart phone in the market as well. The prices of power banks are too good to be true.

Super Size 16,000 mAh S$ 29.90

Essential 10,400 mAh S$ 18.99

Slim 5,000 mAh S$ 13.99

The Truth

Have you ever asked yourself why exactly is Xiaomi managing to sell millions of its power banks all around the world? The truth only leads back to one thing which is the price at which it is being retailed at. If you noticed already, it is the same thing that they have done to market their smartphones. There are tons of other portable battery packs like Anker, RAVpower, or Zendure but they are all much more expensive. As a matter of fact, the Xiaomi power banks are so affordable, you could even buy two 10,400mAH power banks, tie them up together with a rubber band and create a twin powered power bank with 20,800mAH.

The Conclusion

Leaving all jokes aside, just by looking at all the amazing benefits and features that the Xiaomi power bank offers, it does make sense to purchase a high quality model that suits your needs and standards. You won’t ever regret carrying one around because in today’s world, you would never know when you would need it. What else are you waiting for?  Hurry now and get your very own elegant and stylishly designed power bank.