Xiaomi Mi4 Singapore



Xiaomi Mi4 is one of the latest premium flagship phone from Xiaomi. Dubbed “The Fatest Mi Phone Ever” this phone is one of the most powerful that is ever manufactured by Xiaomi at the time of writing and will be replacing the popular Mi3 on the market.



Xiaomi Mi4 has a 5 inches Full HD IPS display with 1080 x 1920 pixels which is around 441 ppi displays. The display specifications are quite solid and fantastic although it is lacking when compared with competitors such as Iphone 6. Unlike other phones, Xiaomi’s screen is manufactured by a company called JDI and it utilises IPS technology as compared with Amoled by Samsung. The display are sharp, and bright with excellent vibrancy display although being viewed from different angles of the phone.

Unlike previous Xiaomi’s phone, the Mi4 has a metallic chrome solid feeling. Xiaomi has cleverly added metal finishing to the frames of the phone and this made the phone looks expansive. It feels more like an Apple’s product especially Iphone 5 family.

This video illustrates the processing of building the Mi4’s steel frame.

The back of the phone is still on glossy plastic covers. Xiaomi has made it clear during the marketing campaign that the steel frame is made one piece of aluminium which made the phone looks good. A piece of aluminium went through 40 processing and 193 steps to make the steel looks good. The phone is solid and has no hallow feeling when being slightly dropped. The volume and power buttons is located on the right hand side of the phone which is still similar to the previous Mi3.



This phone is powered by a Quadcore 2.5 gHz Snapdragon 801 processor which is quite good. Mi4 comes with 3GB Ram and choices of 16 or 64 GB storage space. Colors are accurate and vivid with a dedicated Adreno 330 GPU. This graphic processor delivers up to 50% better performance during graphic processing which means that games and graphic intensive applications will run smoother. The phone scores a pretty good 24531 on Quadrant and 35533 on AnTutu benchmark.

Mi4 runs on MIUI which is Xiaomi’s version of the Android operating system. It ships by default and Android Kitkat 4.4 operating system however it is now upgradable to the latest MIUI operating system. The Mi4 comes with a default Li-Ion 3080 mAh. This is not so bad however Xiaomi claims the Snapdragon 801 consumes much less energy thus this leads longer usage of the phone. One downside of this phone is that the battery is fixed which means that you will need to take extra good care of the battery.



Xiaomi do not let down as a selfie lovers phone. This phone has a generous 8MP front camera and a 13MP back camera. It has a LED powered flash. All Mi4 cameras are based on Sony IMX214 camera. The phone comes with standard functions such as HDR, skin smoothing, panorama and burst shot. HDR works pretty good especially when during dark lighting issues. Autofocus is quite fast and works perfectly. Rear camera is also capable of 4K video recoding.

Add ons

Universal Remote Control

Believe it or not, Mi4 also comes with functionality such as universal remote controls. Xiaomi claims that Mi4 will be able to remotely control devices not limited to TV, airconditioner and fans.

Quick Charging

Mi4 comes with Quick charging technology which enables user to charge up to 60% of the battery in just one hour time


This phone has not been officially launched in Singapore. Grey version of the product cost around $650. Looking at the price, Mi4 proves to be a serious contender to the smartphone market.