Xiaomi Mi Note

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Curved Edges

In case you didn’t already know, the Xiaomi Mi Note has already started to take a beating for being a bit of a copycat for having curved edges on all four sides on the phone. Although the Xiaomi Mi Note is said to resemble designs of that of an Iphone 6 Plus because of its curved edges, this smartphone stands out in a few more ways than just that. While the Iphone 6 plus might get your attention by having a 7.1mm thickness, the Xiaomi Mi Note has beat that record with a thickness of only 6.95mm. Despite being said that its design was copied, the Xiaomi Mi Note has also managed to reduce that bulge on its camera which was something that even Apple couldn’t avoid.

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This phone comes with an amazing 5.7 inch screen which has definitely raised the bar compared to other smartphones around. The full-HD display is captivating and its clarity is sharp enough to make almost any image on the screen look good from all angles. Just to add on, Xiaomi has also said that the screen has an anti-glare coating just as what the iPad Air 2 has, and this helps it cut any reflections.

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Time and again Xiaomi has proven itself to have one of the most stunning cameras around. After all the tests which have been done, this holds true especially when it comes to taking shots at night. As what has been said, the lens and chassis on this phone don’t bulge out, keeping it slim and sleek. The optical image stabilization in this phone also makes taking shots in the dark a breeze and just to make the average phone users life easy, they have even added a handheld twilight mode just for the night shots.

This phone also uses a 13-megapixel rear camera which is actually a combination of a six-element lens, a Sony CMOS sensor, the optical image stabilization as mentioned earlier and a two-tone flash from Philips. With all these features in, you will be able to get the white balance in the background automatically even though the picture was taken in a dim lighted area.

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Speed & Power

Make no mistake that this phone wasn’t just built to look pretty but instead it was built for speed and a whole lot of power. The Xiaomi Mi Note supports LTE and it also comes with a 3,000mAH power packed battery which enables its users to surf the net, play games, listen to music and also to talk on the phone for the longest time.

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Let us now take a deeper look at what this phone is really made off.  The Xiaomi Mi Note comes with the latest and best hardware you would ever find around. This phone comes with a 2.GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad processor. The chipset inside this phone is made to provide incredible speed and power efficiency for the user. Some of the other additional features in this phone would be the custom Krait CPU architecture for sustained peak performance, the integrated 4G LTE-FDD connectivity and also the Adreno 405 GPU for superior graphics and gaming experience, boosting 3D interfaces, colors and textures.


The Xiaomi Mi Note uses a MIUI as its interface or as its skin you might say. This operates over the phones 4.4 KitKat. Although the UI isn’t as sophisticated as what you might want it to be, it follows the make of how most Chinese phones are. Regardless of its simplicity, you will be surprised of how simple, intuitive, and beautiful it can be the layout of this phone can actually be. Beauty doesn’t only involve the looks in this case because this phone’s software actually allows you to switch screen sizes. Yes, you can actually switch screen sizes just by using a one-handed mode that you activate by swiping from the home button to the left or right to reduce the onscreen display. Instead of the 5.7 inch display, you can now choose something which suits you better and that could be a 3.5, 4 or 4.5 inch display based on your choice.

One more thing that you might want to also take not of is that the MIUI’s built-in theme function lets you change how the phone looks. This could be a plus point for those of you who feel that the flat design isn’t for you.


To sum it all up, the Xiaomi Mi Note is a masterpiece of its kind and to give it an overall rating, I would say perhaps a 9 out of 10. What more can I say except the fact that it’s a gorgeous gadget piece which is built for all those who want to bring out the best in their smartphones. For those of you who are afraid that this phone is a little too pretty and could break easily, well, think again. The Xiaomi Mi Note has actually survived the 1.5 meter (5-foot) fall as well as having ball bearings dropped on it and if this doesn’t convince you, then nothing else will. With its aluminium frame, this phone definitely gives you a premium feel and for those of you who are considering one.