Mi Note

mi note

A name brand name known to many in the world today, Xiaomi, is now said to be one of the largest handset makers in the world. All of you out there who are thinking to yourselves about what has Xiaomi been up to, the answer to that would be the creation of their new phone, the Xiaomi Mi Note. Just to give you a little bit of what this new smartphone is all about, let’s just say it was built to crush its rivals with around especially the smartphones manufactured by the bigger brands in the world today.

This 5.7 inch phablet is made to capture the market by storm and its elegance is capable of doing just that. The Mi Note’s slim body design and powerful camera are just some of the few things that give this phone a very premium high-end look and at the same time being sold at a much cheaper price than any of their competitors.



The trim design on the Xiaomi Mi Note says a lot about the phone. Just by looking at this beauty right here, you will be able to know that the quality of the material used to manufacture the Mi Note is of much higher standards than what you would expect it to be. The Mi Note is also one with the largest screen as of now making it a phablet, just as much as it is a smartphone. This is the only Xiaomi phone which is designed with both a glass front and a rear front as well as having the slimmest body.

It isn’t just about looks for the Mi Note. While it does look simply beautiful, the quality speaks for itself when you test and use the phone for yourself. You will be able to easily tell that this phone was manufactured to perfection just by feeling it in your hands and observing the detailing that it has been through.



The Mi Note comes packed with a Snapdragon 801 along with 3GB RAM, together with a 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX214 camera which happens to be the exact same camera used by Elephone and Ulefone. You won’t have any complains about the Snapdragon 801 as it is an amazing processor which gives the phone a killer performance and extremely fast GPS connectivity. The Sony IMX214 is a top choice for most camera manufactures because they have been able to correctly optimize the sensor on it and make the most out of its camera. Almost all smartphones have a downside when it comes to the hardware aspect of the phone but it really hard to pick an area as to where to Xiaomi Mi Note lacks.



Plenty have tested put the Mi Note to the test to see if its camera is as good as what everyone says it as and the ones who testes this amazing masterpiece here have found it to be nothing less than a stunning shooter. In addition to all that this phone already has to offer, it comes with the MIUI V6 which gives its camera app a whole variety of features including the HDR which is available in Auto, Enhanced, Live or Off mode. You will find this feature absolutely stunning as you will be able to capture photos really fast and the quality of the pictures taken will not disappoint you at all. To cut a long story short, the camera on the Mi Note is not one to be messed with.


Everyone out there by now probably already knows that Xiaomi has rge MIUI Version 6 on most of their phones but despite having the exact version type, the features offered on all the Xiaomi smartphones are in fact very different. Let us take the Xiaomi Mi Note for example as it has so much more camera features which are available than the MI4i or the Redmi 2.

The general usage and the other overall features are more or less similar however on all the latest Xiaomi phones. This phone is packed with a bunch of features that are easy to use and what enables everything to run so smoothly on the Mi Note is its Snapdragon 801 processor.


We know that this phone is pretty amazing but it will only be fair to judge its performance as a whole. The first thing that comes to mind when the term “performance” is mentioned is speed. I don’t think we need to discuss too much on speed right here as the Mi Note is a beast when it comes to speed.

The battery life on the Mi Note is also not something anyone would complain about. Your phone would be able to go on from dusk till dawn even with heavy usage. If you are in business and if you are tired of your phone dying out on you at all the important times when you need it most then the Mi Note is perfect for you. Of course, running different activities on your phone will drain out your battery even faster but you can always charge the Mi Note with your USB cable and charger. Apart from that, there shouldn’t be a problem of sudden battery drainage even if your Wi-Fi was turned on all day or if you were streaming music as well.

The most important aspect about owning the Mi Note or any phone for that matter is the call quality. The quality on the Mi Note is crystal clear and you will not have any dropped calls. The LTE and Wi-Fi signal strength are perfect so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The audio on this phone is also something which you should not ignore. The Mi Note certainly does have an advantage when it comes to audio over all its other siblings regardless if you plug your headphones in or your listen to the audio quality through its speaker at the base of the phone.


Mi Note 64GB version is priced at $569. At the moment, Xiaomi Singapore is only releasing the white version here

Final Say

Should you or should you not get one? Apart from its slippery back, I don’t think that anyone would ever have anything to complain about the Mi Note as it actually is a perfect smartphone for anyone. All you need to know is that the speed is excellent, the camera quality is incredible, the audio is great and the overall stability of this phone is just perfect. If you happen to be someone who is interested in a smartphone which has both a great design and quality too, then the Xiaomi Mi Note is one that you should own.